We are on a mission.


Nobody was doing it, so we built it.

I started Lipstick & Vinyl because I did not want to be told to “stay in my lane,” as an advertising salesperson. That happened a lot.

After 9 years in podcast and radio advertising sales and 7 years as a brand marketer I became an advocate for the talent and a collaborative marketing partner.

Brands are looking for ways to connect with extremely targeted audiences. And people want authenticity. Strategy and thoughtfulness are key. 

This company knows the most successful partnerships between creators and brands focus on serving the listener. Both parties must be equally invested and committed to authenticity.

Everyone tells the truth. Everyone wins.

There are stories to be told by people who we don't hear enough from in podcasting or anywhere else. There are people who have yet to find their voice in this powerful medium.

We hear a future where everyone discovers the intimacy, inspiration, education and enjoyment of podcasts.

Right now 26% of Americans listen to podcasts. This is well below podcasting’s potential. By supporting diverse voices, we will make this media, mass media.

Everyone deserves to be heard.


Our Team




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