I'm Just Getting Started, Ally

Reggie said that to me after the podcast, Mogul was released. "I'm just getting started, Ally." That was less than a year ago. 

I will greatly miss my friend, Reggie Ossé. (@combatjackshow ). He loved life and everything in it. We hung out and talked podcasts when he would fly into LA for business, like when he did interviews for the incomparable podcast, #Mogul. 

On one such trip, here he is trying to win over my (then kitten) Panda. Of course she loved him. Big lap and a calming and kind presence. 

After I moved to Hollywood, he visited briefly last summer. It was the peak heat wave time. It was sweltering. But he wanted to check out the hood. I took him on the secret stairs walk in Hollywood Heights. It was sweaty and steep. He loved it. 

Reggie was interested in everything. Not just hip hop, not just New York, not just his podcast or any one thing. Reggie had enthusiasm for the sights, sounds, stories and even the very steep steps that wind around very hilly, Hollywood Heights. 

Reggie was proud of his wife and children. He talked fondly of all of them, a lot. He was humble about his days as a lawyer for the biggest stars in hip hop. 

That is what was amazing about him. Yes, he was a walking chronicle of the history of hip hop. But he could tell stories about most bands, just the same. He was a connector and he could see, in a large sense, how we are all related. He was filled with wonder, even with as much as he lived and experienced, he remained curious and wanted to learn. He called me Ally and was at the ready for a pep talk when life got hard.

That is probably why he was so amazing at interviewing people and sharing his stories with the world. He loved people and genuinely cared about their stories. #ripcombatjack #reggieossé #mogul #podcast

Allyson Marino