Why are making this?


Going deep not wide. 

I started Lipstick & Vinyl after 9 years in podcast and radio advertising sales and 7 years as a brand marketer. From deep in the trenches, I learned what makes podcasters successful and sought-after by brand sponsors.

Time and again it is proven that the most successful podcasts have the support, tools and investment of a team hyper-focused on the podcast's success. 

Lipstick & Vinyl bridge the gap and remove the friction between creator brand sponsor.

There are stories to be told by people who we don't hear enough from in podcasting. There are people who have yet to find their voice in the powerful medium. Brands are looking for ways to reach these groups. We exist to make talented storytellers successful podcasters.

We hear a future where everyone discovers the intimacy, inspiration, education and enjoyment of podcasts.

Right now 26% of Americans listen to podcasts. This is well below podcasting’s potential. We are the architects who design a structure for top-tier brands and talented content creators. This is secret sauce.

Podcasting is the next form of mass media.

-written by Allyson Marino, founder of Lipstick & Vinyl.