About the founder

  Allyson Marino   Founder, Lipstick & Vinyl

Allyson Marino

Founder, Lipstick & Vinyl


I believe stories create connections between people. 

I love podcasts. For a long time I sold advertising in podcasts. First at Midroll, then Acast and then in a hybrid role at PodcastOne. Hybrid means I got to straddle sales and content.

When I do business, there is always a win-win-win deal. Talent keeps the integrity of their content. Brands grow from authentic story telling. Agencies get great value from the partnership. I can go on.

Everybody is happily gunning toward the same finish. When that happens, it is pure magic.

I started Lipstick & Vinyl knowing that there are so many stories to be told that have yet to find their voice in this powerful medium. Once we discover the intimacy, inspiration, education and enjoyment of podcasts we grow.

Right now 26% of Americans listen to podcasts. This is well below podcasting’s potential. We build partnerships between top-tier brands and talented content creators that will grow the medium to reach 98.9% of the country. Podcasting is the next form of mass media.

Sometimes I write about podcasts and music. Read my essays here.