Podcasts have the power to change the world for the better. People like people who sound like them.

Lipstick & Vinyl is a podcast company.

We aren’t in this business by accident. We live to give voice to the underrepresented. We see a future of media that is a true reflection of people who live in our society. Through podcasting we amplify new voices. People like people who sound like them.


We Sell Sponsorships for Podcasters

The network of podcasts we represent is focused on underrepresented and diverse voices. Right now, that means female voices. Our hosts are award-winning journalists, TV writers, comedians, single mothers, mavericks of online entertainment, advocates for social change. We are super proud to offer partnerships with insanely talented podcasters to brands and agencies.


We Create Podcasts with Storytellers

Podcasts provide a wonderfully unique and intimate way to connect with people and tell stories. The nuances in this form of storytelling are many and most people can benefit from some expert guidance when creating a podcast. We offer consulting and hands on services to aspiring podcasters. People hire us to develop, adapt, produce, distribute, market and monetize their podcasts.


We Have Been At It A While 

Across years of advertising sales, our relationships with brands and agencies are strong. We are transparent and we take partnership seriously. We take pride in nurturing our talent and creating successful campaigns for our advertisers. We value mutual respect, transparency, teamwork and being nice. When you work with us we’ve got your back. We're ride or die.


Hire Us!

Drop us a line if you would us to help you monetize your existing podcast. Drop us a line if you are looking for a partner to produce your podcast from scratch. Get in touch if you have a show but need an expert to help you connect with listeners who hang on every word and get advertisers clamoring for a spot on your show. We love new friends so write us to say hey if you want to!


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